Five Ways You Are Doing SEO Wrong

Why is my SEO not working? Why is my website still not getting enough traffic? Why is it not appearing in search results? Thesedoing-seo-wrong are just some of the most common concerns that SEO specialists get from their clients. It does not matter if these questions come a week or a year after the marketing campaign started, there are plenty of factors that may cause SEO to fail. More often, internet marketing strategies do not work if a client, who is not well educated about search engines, tries to carry out a DIY search engine optimization method.

The truth is, search engine optimization, in itself, works just fine. Yet, maybe, there are some things you may be doing wrong. Listed below are some things you might be doing wrong.

  • You write articles for search engines and not for real human readers.

Before, writers and webmasters can create content stuffed with keywords. The practice of keyword stuffing involves mentioning the same keywords repeatedly, simply because they may optimize the page and not because they are relevant to the content. This is actually considered a very bad SEO tactic. It actually used to work. Yet, at present, Google already utilizes LSI or latent semantic indexing, which was developed in 2004. LSI enables the search engine crawlers to examine the website contents and to identify the keywords or phrases of that page. The crawlers would combine the most commonly used words, including the synonyms of your target keywords.

At this time, it is wise to enhance your web page for the real human readers. They should provide a great user experience. LSI indicates that there is no need to mention your exact keywords in the article again and again. You may just use some word alternatives or synonyms because search engines like Google will still find out what the goal is.

  • You overlook the importance of social media.

In the past, search engine optimization was all about obtaining a great deal of links, good code, and good content. SEO used to focus on these items: content, links, and code. However, at present, most of the websites that are doing very well in their search rankings have an enormous number of social media followers. Quite simply, the more socially famous your website is, the more audience you will attract to it. Consequently, if more and more people view it, then you will also be able to generate more backlinks and traffic to your website.

  • You publish duplicate content.

Plagiarism is a form of stealing, and stealing is not a good practice in any way. Not only will it create a bad connotation with your Are-you-doing-wrong-seoaudience, it will also put your website in a bad light, search engine wise. Search engines have already indexed such content. When you publish it on your website, search engine crawlers will be able to identify it as duplicate content. Always write unique and original articles that are relevant to the products you are offering.

  • You are using the wrong keywords.

Most SEO attempts fail because of this mistake. How can you be sure, then, if you are using the proper keywords or not? If you have executed some keyword research, it is possible that you have not thoroughly tested and implemented your keywords prior to launching a full marketing campaign. On the other hand, if you have not performed any keyword research, it is mostly likely that you are not using the correct keywords. The process of keyword research suggests what consumers are searching and what keywords and phrases are best to utilize.

  • You are not investing enough money.

Just because business owners have been told that search engine optimization is a long-term solution, they become hesitant to shell out an adequate amount of money for it. This is particularly true for those who are just starting up their business when the budget is limited. What you may not truly understand is that for digital marketing to work, you need to invest some money for it.

All things considered, the money you pay for SEO is not an expense, it is an investment. If you only do SEO the right way, you will definitely be able to reap its benefits. The first step to do that is to find an SEO firm that gives value to your investment, just like the SEOExplode Inc offer stated in this URL, “We do not only provide SEO and Internet marketing services but we also offer a wide array of industry related services such as SEO friendly web design, reputation management, visitor re-targeting, pay per click, affiliate marketing, on site SEO, website audits, social media optimization, conversion optimization and several others.”

Getting The Right Storage Container For Your Needs From Moveablecontainer.Com

There are many online services that endorse the use of storage containers as replacement for moving trucks. However, while storage containers are gaining more popularity because of their utility and effectiveness in these areas, there are still many things that you can do with a box made of 20 feet of steel.

It all depends on what you are going to use them for.

Different Uses for Storage Containers

One of the most basic (and obvious) uses for storage containers is for storing large equipment and things that need to be kept for safekeeping. Examples of this are people using containers as an addition to their homes, converting them into storage rooms where they keep most of the stuff that they have collected through the years.

Aside from storing things, storage containers also work as replacements for moving trucks when transporting pieces of furniture to a new home. This is actually one of the main uses of storage containers nowadays, and many companies offer services like this, and we, at, are among them. The reason many people are making the switch to using storage containers for moving is because of the extreme utility of containers over moving trucks.

Portable Storage Container
Moving trucks are associated to a lot of stress using the moving phase because of a lot of inconveniences, especially when it is time to get your stuff delivered to your new home but the truck is not able to come because of some unforeseen event. However, with storage containers, families usually need to contact the company only twice: when they need the empty storage containers, and when they need delivered to their doorstep. We at offer affordable packages that take away the hassle and inconvenience in moving.

While storage containers are widely used for storing and moving things, you can also use them for a more creative purpose. Many architects now turn to storage containers, instead of using concrete walls to make buildings and homes. This practice is referred to as shipping container or architecture, or cargotecture in short, and is a great option for someone who likes to try something new while also helping the environment.

Upcycling shipping containers that will not be used anymore and turning them into buildings is not only creative, it is also a sustainable practice. It is estimated that there are two million empty shipping containers in any given moment, and the practice of cargotecture is helping to solve that.

How to Get the Perfect Container for Your Needs?

Moveable ContainersAfter deciding on the purposes for needing a storage container, it is now time to check the market for the most suitable one that is within your budget. Here are a couple of other things to consider when looking canvassing for the right container:


Consider size of storage container that will be the most cost-effective and convenient with your purpose. Let’s say you are moving to a new home cross country with more than the usual amount of stuff that a regular size container could handle. It might be better to get a 45 ft. container that could handle all of your appliances in one go, rather than two containers that will cost you more. We at have containers ranging from 20 feet to 45 feet that can fit whichever purpose you need.


The price of storage containers differs from one company to the next, so the general rule of thumb is to consult as many possible dealers as you can. Don’t settle for the cheapest storage container, but pick the one that is at par with industry standards and comes with an affordable cost.
Storage Container
If you’re purchasing a storage container, you also have to consider the material of the storage container. Is it made with cheap metal or reinforced steel? Choosing the latter will save you a lot of cost on the maintenance of your storage container.

Additional Features

Do you need extra security for your container? Will you be transporting the shipping container overseas? Our containers at has additional features that you can get to enhance the functionality of your container. You can get a container with a high security lock box embedded on the doors if you want extra security. Our containers are also wind- and water-tight, preventing the occurrences of unwanted leaks.

These features come with an additional cost, so you have to carefully consider if you really need them and if your budget can afford it.

Local Policies and Regulations

While almost anyone can rent a storage container for moving purposes, some states require a permit from the local government before allowing an individual to own a container. Make sure to check with the authorities if you have all the required permits and the relevant restrictions before purchasing a storage container. Doing this will save you from hassles along the way.

Moveablecontainer provide portable storage containers, cubicle storage containers, movable storage, mobile office, and temporary storage throughout the US.

Choosing A Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing Company

The demand in the printed circuit board manufacturing industry is continuously increasing. Considering the demand, manufacturers are offering durable and reliable assets to their customers. With so many choices, it can be challenging to choose the right assembly company for you. The main key here is knowing the details. There are different things that you need to take in to consideration.


PCB ElectronicsThis is the most important criterion you need to consider. Not all printed circuit boards are made with the same quality. In reality, failure rates may vary across different companies. Most manufacturers use Aluminum-backed boards because of the ductility property of Aluminum. To ensure quality, most companies outsource printed circuit board assembly services from professional PCB assemblers. The quality is very critical across the prototyping and design process since every small mistake can damage the entire project or product.

Turnaround Time

This criterion is also extremely critical since most prototyping projects are done in very limited time. Usually, it takes five business days to get the order. In some companies it can take even longer. But you can also choose the rushed order. The fastest turnaround time would be within 2 days or less.


In printed circuit board prototyping and manufacturing, pricing and quality do not go hand in hand. Higher rates are commanded by more experienced producers and designers. Given the competition in the industry, there are few businesses that charge more than the others. It is really a must to shop around before choosing a manufacturer.

Minimum Orders

The least amount of orders required vary from one company to another. There is no standard minimum order that is applicable to all printed circuit board companies. Find a company that will meet your need regarding minimum orders. If you plan to order a bulk amount, you should first ask for a prototype manufactured. This way can help you know the compatibility level and capabilities with your application.

Assembly Types

There are several assembly types that you can choose from. The first one is surface-mount technology assembly. This type of assembly is for smaller components. In this method, the components are placed or mounted directly on the PCB surface. Backplane assembly, on the other hand, is for larger components. It is used in interconnecting small electronic assemblies and routing signals and power to large electronic systems.

Another common type is the through-hole assembly. It is used to ensure proper placement of printed circuit boards. This technique is done manually. Electric components are glued, soldered and coated. The problem with this assembly type is a wider margin for wiring error. Only experienced and professional technicians can perform the task.

You can choose to design your own printed circuit board depending on your need. The complexity and size of your PCB depend on the product specifications. Also, you can provide specific components. It is important to ensure that the prototype is approved by Underwriters Laboratories (UL). This guarantees highest quality standards. Whatever designs or assembly types you choose, the company should perform functionality and quality tests on the printed circuit boards.

Experience in the Industry

You should also consider the industry and background experience of manufacturers. This is important in terms of technical expertise. Moreover, the industry experience is a good predictor of cost-effectiveness and reliability.


Choosing the right printed circuit board manufacturer can be tough and crucial. There are different things that you need to take in to consideration.Visit us at as it provides high quality Printed Circuit Board, fabrication and assembly.These include product quality, turnaround time, pricing, minimum orders, assembly types and the manufacturer’s industry experience. Make sure to choose a manufacturing company that can meet your needs.

Unexpected Things you can Do with Lanyards

A lanyard is made of versatile materials that you can easily manipulate to make different kinds of things out of it. Because of its versatility, artists have used it for all sorts of installation art. In 2012, an exhibit at the University Place Gallery in Cambridge, MA featured the works of its alumni and lanyard is one of the medium used. One notable lanyard artwork was a collection of rainbow colored lanyards that look eerily haunting and beautiful. Other artists have made them look like bursting stars or fireworks.

On a smaller scale art, a lanyard can be made into bracelets, necklaces and anklets. The cord type lanyard is best when making macramé bracelets, necklaces or anklets. To make macramé jewelry out of a lanyard, simply take 1 or 2 colors of the lanyard and follow a series of patterned knots. Some patterns are very easy and require no additional training. There are several free macramé patterns available online and even videos to help you get started on making macramé jewelry. The material of the lanyard makes this jewelry a perfect accessory for the summer months as they are inexpensive and unlike metallic jewelry, they will not tarnish.

A lanyard can also serve a more practical use.

When woven together, it can be made out into a bag. A tubular or cord type of lanyard can be used to make simple bags that are sturdy and durable. Use different colored lanyards or a dye sublimated style lanyard to make the bag more pleasing to the eye.

Another simple use for this versatile material is placemats. Weave together different colors or dye sublimated lanyards to make unique looking placemats. Weave similar colored lanyards to make a set or contrasting colors to make them more interesting. Similar to bags, any kind of lanyard can be used. After weaving the lanyard, sew a waterproof material underneath so that your table can remain dry. Weave a cord type of lanyard to make your placemats feel thicker. A woven lanyard can also take the place of any ornamental mat you might have at home. Weaving patterns for bags and placemats can be easily found on the internet.

LanyardsIf you don’t have a bag for all your heavy hardbound books and you want to bring them with you somewhere, a lanyard with a buckle release can make great book holders. Simply wrap the lanyard around your books and fasten at the buckle release. A sturdy nylon style lanyard with a plastic buckle release should be able to take the place of a regular book holder as they are often made of the same material. Use more than one lanyard if you are going to bring more books.

You can also use a lanyard as replacement for broken bag handles on canvas bags. Simply remove the broken handles and replace them with a nylon or polyester lanyard that is 1 inch thick or greater. Sew on 2 or more lanyards together to make a shoulder strap for your bag. Use a swivel j hook or a caribiner hook at the end of the lanyard to hook it onto your bag.

Lastly, a lanyard serves as replacements for some accessories like a belt or shoelaces for your canvas shoes. A polyester or woven lanyard with a buckle release can be used as a belt if you forgot to bring one on your trip. Even if you did not forget your belt at home, you may find yourself wanting to use that lanyard as a belt for its designs, especially dye sublimated ones. Meanwhile, you can use a chord or tubular type of lanyard in place of your shoelaces.

Steps on How to Hit the Golf Ball with TaylorMade Golf Clubs

Any golfer knows that the secret in having a high score in golf is to hit the golf ball using a far and straight drive. TaylorMade golf clubs offer an exciting feature that utilizes the flight control technology. This allows every user to modify the golf club’s loft and face angle. TaylorMade golf clubs are comprised of longer shafts, better club heads and lighter grips. In such clubs, the club heads are made thinner, making the club lighter. The best-selling TaylorMade golf drivers are the Burner driver and R9 driver.

In this guide, you need to use at least one golf ball and one TaylorMade golf driver. As you read this guide, make sure you perform it with your golf driver accurately.


1.Make sure that you buy the suitable TaylorMade driver for your height.

Commonly, golf shops offer a package allowing their customers to custom fit their drivers to create a natural swing when playing golf. You can maximize the club’s efficiency and features if it is well-matched to your height. Fitting a club requires you to consider the shaft length, face angle and loft.

2.Hold the driver and grip firmly.

golf clubPosition the club head next to the ball. To make an effective swing, proper posture should be observed. While addressing the golf ball, your body should be parallel to the area where you want the ball to land after hitting it. Slightly bend your knees. In this way, you can produce more force when hitting the ball. Your feet should be aligned with your shoulder. Balance your weight. You should not put your weight only on one side of your body.

3.Now, it’s time for you to perform a backswing.

Don’t worry if you’re not good at this because TaylorMade golf drivers are made to make your swing faster. In spite of this, you should still learn how to create a smooth tempo to modify your swing speed. When you reach the highest point of the backswing, swing back in a slow manner, keeping it under your control. In this case, allow your shoulder to move along with your swing, but be sure to maintain your knees in its bending position. Target the ball for every swing. Make that the club will hit the ball. When the backswing is at its peak, the right arm must create a 90-degree angle while the left arm crosses your chest on top.

4.Perform the downswing.

Golf clubs with longer shafts are more difficult to downswing. Thus, the shaft should match your height so that you don’t need to make many adjustments on how you swing the club. In swing the club downwards, you’ll need to learn the proper way of rotating your knees and hips. Knees should be angled facing the target during a downswing. Rotate your hips once the right arm reached your waist. Afterwards, rotate your shoulders and arms. Make sure that you focus your attention on hitting the ball. Downswing requires the coordination between your body and eyes.

5.Hit the ball accurately.

TaylorMade employs the moveable weight technology to its entire clubs, allowing the golfer to create a great impact when hitting the ball. When performing a downswing, it is important for you not to withdraw the force you produce. In this way, the impact will be whole and strong. Maintain the same posture and position until you hit the ball. To prevent you from misdirecting the golf club and to hit the ball completely, always make sure that your left arm is stretched and straight until the end.

6.Learn to produce more force using your legs.

To create more power, center your weight on the left portion of the body.

Web Design: Must Haves for Online Businesses

It is true that having a website can make your business become more profitable. However, it does not just end there. Aside from the fact that you have to make it known with the help of Search Engine Optimization, you also have to make sure that every person who visits it will not just leave without having a transaction or at least an interaction. You will need to have a good web design to achieve this. Here, you will learn the simple but important things that will help you reach your goals in your venture to make your business even more successful.

A web design does not only make a website unique from others. It also holds the key to increased business profitability when done well. Just like a physical establishment, it needs to have features that will make a customer stay until he or she buys something. Having high quality products and services is not enough when it comes to online marketing. It is important to remember that any visitor could leave if he does not like the store itself. Fortunately, there are only a few simple things you have to apply to your web design to overcome this.

High Quality Original Content

It is true that people do not really read everything they find on websites. However, there are website visitors who look for more information before making transactions online. They want to be sure about credibility and quality. This is your chance to gain their trust. By posting high quality original articles about your products and services on your webpages, you will be able to stir their interest, preventing them from leaving your website to look for another option. On these posts, you have to give them more reasons why they should opt for your business. Since there are clients who would visit your website often, it is also advisable to provide them new posts about the updates on your products and services.

Customer Feedback Page and Comment Boxes

Web DesignBy including a customer feedback page and comment boxes, you will be able to gain more details about what your clients might prefer. This is one of the easiest ways for them to send you what they have to say about your products. Keep in mind that not all of the visitors care enough to send you emails, or contact you just to let you know what they have in mind. By adding these features on your web design, you hold the chance of adjusting to their demands and preferences. If you can provide that, they will have more reasons to opt for your business.

Aside from that, these features are also helpful in terms of utilizing (or in other words, maximizing) the traffic you are getting each day. They will allow your visitors to interact with you and with one another, giving them another good reason to stay navigating on your website instead of leaving to look for other options.

User-Friendly Design

It cannot be denied that visitors hate websites that are hard to navigate on. You have to make sure that your web design is organized, making it easy for people to find what they are looking for. You can also organize your links in a manner like you are leading your visitors into the transactions they need or might be searching for. You can try applying the appealing 1-2-3-done steps with visual effects and large buttons. Aside from the fact that it is user-friendly and easy to follow, it also provides visitors the convenience they totally like.

Product Review and Rating

Remember that when a website visitor leaves, he or she has the chance of encountering another brand or business and could end up opting for it. These days, more and more people rely on product reviews and ratings, especially when the transactions are done online. This is because they do not have the ability to personally check the actual products they are planning to purchase. By including product reviews and ratings on your web design, your visitors will not have to leave it just to find out what your other clients have to say about the products you have delivered them. This is also one of the most effective ways to convince your prospect clients to choose your offers without them having to leave.

These are just some of the most important things an online business must have on its website. These features seem simple yet they can be of great help. If you are still planning to create your website or do some improvements on it, these inclusions will be a significant part. If you need help in creating an effective web design, you can contact us. We have offer services that will dramatically improve the results you might be getting as of this moment. We understand the need of our clients, especially those who have online businesses. We do not just provide an exquisite web design, we help them reach their aspirations through it.

Don’t delay. Get in touch with us and find out how you can significantly boost your profit today.

Advantages of Real Estate in Long Island NY

If you are currently hunting for a good piece of real estate to buy (for investment or a possible place of retirement), then buying real estate Long Island NY can be very advantageous at this time. Read on and find out why.

The Tempting Advantages

Real EstateThe prices of real estate Long Island NY have been low for quite some time now but you should not expect them to remain that low for years to come. The year 2013 could be the last time that you will see real estate Long Island NY prices at record lows so don’t waste your time deciding whether to buy or not because tomorrow might already be too late. There are reports that home prices across the country are on the rise and Long Island real estate is no exception.

Mortgage rates are still near all-time lows. A few years ago, the fixed rate (for thirty years) was above 6% but in December, 2012, the fixed rate only averaged 3.35%. What does it mean? Simply put, you can save more money if you buy Long Island property now. Don’t gamble and wait for rates to go lower than the grasshopper’s knees because that will never happen.

You can save more money that way than renting your own place because the prices of Long Island properties are currently low. After you have paid the mortgage in full, the property becomes yours unlike when you are only renting your place.

If you have decided to buy real estate Long Island NY you are actually protected against inflation. In order to cope with the inflation, your landlord will most likely pass the increase on to your rent. This will never happen if you have your own place. Inflation will not hurt or affect you if you have applied for fixed rates (though interest rates will remain the same for the next thirty years).

If you pay your mortgage on time (and make sure that you do), you will be able to increase your credit score. The higher the credit score, the better. It can give you lots of opportunities. You will not only gain worthwhile real estate Long Island NY. You can also enjoy perks such as tax savings, loan points, and mortgage insurance.

You will see that buying real estate Long Island NY offers nothing but great advantages. Even if your earnings can only be considered as average, you will find something that will surely fit your budget. There are agents or brokers that can help you with your dilemma. Just remember one thing, though—you need to buy real estate Long Island NY now before the prices start to shoot up.

You need to know what type of properties and certain renovation methods can catch your clients fancy, for details visit site

How to Start Your Own Custom Military Coin Collection

Custom military coins are not made for numismatic purposes. They are believed to have originated from a war wherein they were given to members of a flying squadron and saved a soldier’s life. Later on, military men used them as challenge coins. However, as they gain popularity through the years, collecting them became interesting to numismatist fans.

Custom Military CoinThese coins belong to a branch of numismatics called exonumia. Though they are not intended for non-military men, you can take pride in collecting them because some have special value. For instance, “Combating Terrorism Coins” are collectibles that show support for the children of military men who sacrificed their lived for their country. Custom military coins may serve as reminders to what these people did to protect their fellow people. When should you start collecting these coins?

Start as soon as possible. If you prolong the wait, you are more likely to miss the best ones. Every day, hundreds of custom military coins are released in the market but coin collectors are alert and immediately sort out the rare ones. How can you start collecting military coins?

Step 1: Decide on what kind of coin you want

Do a little research to educate yourself on challenge coin numismatics. Coin collecting can be expensive. This is why you have to choose cost productive pieces. Ask yourself important questions. Do you prefer those with peculiar shapes such as the SR-72 Blackbird coin? Do you fancy those with sentimental values such as the Operation Iraqi Freedom War custom military coin?

Step 2: Ask pioneer coin collectors for advice

Do you know anyone who is a pro in coin collecting? Before you could proceed to your master plan, one-on-one interaction with actual coin collectors would help. There are a lot of tips and information online but those who are fully inclined with numismatics have great ideas. You may ask them to show you their collections. This way, you would be able to have a idea on which coins are interesting for you and are worthy to be part of your shadowbox.

Step 3: Visit military coin auctions

Public unit coin auctions are accessible in most parts of the globe. You will get to handle them in real life and gain knowledge about pricing, value and quality. Take a look at their expensive pieces and find out what makes them more valuable than others. When visiting shops online, pay attention to details, such as the coin’s circumference, dimension, material, packaging, specifications and the like.

Step 4: Participate in coin discussion groups

Online groups will make you interact with people of the same interest. They will give you updates on new events and auctions. Added to this, you can easily gain the answers to your queries by posting a new thread and waiting for others to answer you. You will get non-promotional answers and reviews that could help you start your own collection.

Step 5: Start collecting and take good care of your collection

Once you have had enough information, you may begin shopping for coins. You may also have some pieces customized according to your preference. Purchase or build a rack covered with glass so you can keep them protected from being scratched or damaged. You may also lock your coin rack to protect your collection from children or pets.

Custom military coins are good for collecting because they are unique, accessible, easy to carry and significant. They may not be made from huge amounts of silver or gold like some ancient coins but the sacrifice of great men in order to acquire them defines their immeasurable value.

We are dedicated to top quality coin products, great pricing and giving our customers the best customer service they can get anywhere.We can produce custom military coins in virtually any shape.

Importance of Keynote Speaker for your Company

If you have an upcoming event for your company, then having a keynote speaker to make things more interesting can give you lots of benefits. You might even get a lot of attendees and possible clients if you happen to have a famous keynoter as a guest to your event.

A keynote speech that the speaker needs to deliver should be able to capture the essence of the discussion and emphasize it to the listeners in a short period of time. To capture the essence well, the speaker should spend ample time researching your industry, the audience in the event, and company issues.

Motivational speakerThe keynoter may use the most appropriate approach and even include humor in his speech or show funny clips. No matter what the keynote speaker chooses to discuss, his job is to weave the keynote message that you want to send across the entire audience. He should incorporate it into his program without losing the fun and memorable aura of his program.

To understand the importance of a keynoter better, take a look at the succeeding questions and their answers.

What is the Main Benefit of having a Keynoter?

The main benefit that a company and the employees can get from such a speaker is his ability to influence a group, and to make them see that anything is possible. The persuasion is not something similar to a threat, but more like explaining the facts or the truth that were concealed from them or remained unknown for so long. When the employees realized that such things are possible, it should be enough to make them act in a positive way.

A keynoter can be a vessel that is capable of delivering positive messages to the employees and make them act on their own accord, not forced. Together, the company and employees will reap the benefits.

What Can He Accomplish?

During the event, where the keynote speaker is allowed to “own” the audience for a brief moment, he serves as a temporary leader of the tribe who can influence the entire audience to move. He can take his listeners to an emotional and intellectual journey that can thrust the audience to adapt a new outlook, explore unfamiliar places, or aim for a different position.

It is human nature to only take action when told by someone, and the speaker can clear the way for such opportunity. It is also possible that the audience did not bother to know the existence of such opportunities before, until someone pointed them to the right direction.

He can ask commitments from his audience, and he is allowed to do that by virtue of his temporary authority (given by the company) over his subjects as their tribal leader.

One speaker can’t turn the whole world into a better place; but, he can deliver the right message to his audience and make them understand why they need to change their world for the better.

A Keynoter only has Limited Powers

Although a good speaker can deliver mind-blowing speeches that can make the employees give their all for the company, he is not Superman who can fix everything with his super powers. It is not realistic (and totally absurd) to expect him to fix the company’s long-standing problem within his borrowed minutes.

Influencing the employees is just the start; the company should come up with a more concrete solution for the problems that have been troubling their operation. The inspiring speech given by the speaker should spark new ideas, practical applications, and innovative techniques that the company can adapt. Eventually, it should be enough for the company’s team of experts to find the solution that they need, and heal the company’s trouble.

A keynote speaker can only do so much for the employees. The company’s success still depends on the decision of the business owner regarding the direction that he would like his company to take

History of Funeral Homes in America

During the aftermath of the American Civil War, the funeral industry emerged. Before funeral homes emerged, family and friends took care of their dead. They prepared and dressed their dead in the confines of the family’s home. The wakes of loved ones were usually held at home. The dead were buried on family property. Eventually though,mortuaries have become trusted establishments, a source of support and comfort for people who are mourning the death of a loved one, close friend or relative.

The oldest recorded funeral home was established in 1759 in Virginia. Cabinet-maker Anthony Hay made coffins his sideline and it grew from there, evolving into a full service funeral home. The company that grew from that venture still serves Americans today.

Embalming became the most acceptable method of preserving a body, which probably started when President Abraham Lincoln’s embalmed bodywas carried around the country after the civil war. Many families from Northern America who had loved ones that died in battlefields in the South sought specialists to preserve the bodies so that decomposition wouldn’t be a problem during the long journey home.

One of the early pioneers in the field of embalming was physician Dr. AugusteRenouard. His methods of preserving the dead laid the foundation for most present-day embalming procedures. Embalming has become a standard practice in the entire country. As embalming became more popular, so did funeral homes.The first mortuaries were family-owned, and traditionally, many owners lived on site and employed their family members to do duties. This made it a true family business. At around this time, the family graveyards on private properties moved towards the cemeteries. Because of a huge number of deaths in the American civil wars, the government also established national military cemeteries to honor the fallen soldiers.

Funeral HomesBy the 1900s, funerals emerged as big businesses. Due to the growing number of mortuaries in the country, the service became more professional. Undertakers and funeral directors became the go-to people for taking care of the dead. Several trade organizations were set-up, such as the National Funeral Directors Association. These organizations took care of accreditation, training, and setting industry standards. Licensing boards for funeral homes were also established. Other businesses that are related to funeral home services also flourished, such as flower shops, casket manufacturers, automobile companies, cemeteries, and life insurance providers.

By the end of the twentieth century, the funeral industry was generating billions of dollars annually. It has become a financially viable business. Various religious and ethnic segments had their own mortuaries that serve their dead.

One of the emerging trends in the funeral industry is cremation. It is a growing trend, and because of this, funeral homes have made their own crematoriums or partnered with known crematoriums. Mortuaries also had viewing and cremation packages for family and friends. Cemeteries established columbaria. This growing industry also spawned stylized urn makers.

Currently, funeral businessesorganize everything from organizing wakes, transporting the dead, preparing the deceased for burial, as well as selling caskets and other related merchandise.

Another important trend in the industry is the onslaught of multinational corporations buying off small, independent, family-owned funeral homes.From being mainly about funeral home businesses that were passed down to the family for generations, the industry has become capitalist-driven. The baby boomers are an aging generation, and this big population is a truly a huge market for the funeral industry. Big corporations are cashing in on the trend. This new model for the funeral home is changing the landscape of 21st century funeral industry. Rest assured though, that the industry will continue to evolve and things will change once more – eventually.

Unconventional Applications for a Mister

Misters are more than just a few pieces of equipment that people can use to cool themselves off. A lot of people may not know about this, but mist fans are actually used in a wide range of different applications. Many of these applications might surprise people as they present an unconventional way of solving major problems.

Mist fansMist fans have been around for a long time now. However, only now have they begun to grow in terms of the number of owners and users. This is probably due to the rise in the costs of electricity. People are starting to think twice of having to use an air conditioner given just how high the electric bill can be.

However, mist fans can are also seeing widespread use in non-residential applications. It may seem ridiculous at first, but the use of mist fans is actually an effective solution for a lot of problems. Below are some of the unconventional ways people have used their misters.

Keeping animals cool

Mist fans have been around for more than half a century now. They were first invented by someone to help keep animals cool. These were livestock owners who were concerned for the health of their animals during the hot seasons.

The use of air conditioners was too expensive of an option to really put into effect. Instead, the livestock owners began to use mist fans to cool their livestock.

Keeping animals cool helps to keep them healthy. Healthy animals are more productive than those who are not. Chickens will lay more eggs for example. Pigs produce a better litter and can provide their offspring with milk of a higher quality. Finally, cows also produce better milk when they are kept cool.

Keeping animals comfortable is nothing new. Some countries actually massage their cows and make them drink a few bottles of beer to keep the meat soft.

Controlling moisture in a biosphere

Mist fans1Another application most people might not be familiar with is the use of misters to maintain humidity in a biosphere or a greenhouse. These are structures where an environment is maintained to keep certain species of plant grow.

Not all plants are the same. Some require more sunlight others need more water in order to survive, and so much more. Growing plants inside a greenhouse is not easy. Humidity is a major issue.

Some greenhouses even close down during the summer because they cannot avoid the dry climate. To help combat the arid conditions, some greenhouses have turned to using mist fans. Mist fans are cheap and effective in maintaining a humid environment. Other alternatives to help deal with humidity are too expensive when compared to mist fans.

Special effects production

Hollywood and theater production have always relied on special effects in order to help people get into the mood. Movies and stage productions produce a better atmosphere when they have good special effects. These productions tend to be more engrossing because of the special effects that they use.

The problem that production teams encounter with special effects is that they can be too expensive sometimes. Whether it is Hollywood or some stage production, special effects budget is always a major concern.

Some production teams have begun to employ mist fans for their special effect needs. Producing mist using other methods can prove too expensive. Mist and fog machines are of limited use and they only serve one function. Furthermore, these specialized machines also require the use of some special oil.

Mist fans can do more than just make mist. There are plenty of different ways a person can use their misters.

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