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Unconventional Applications for a Mister

Mist-fansMisters are more than just a few pieces of equipment that people can use to cool themselves off. A lot of people may not know about this, but mist fans are actually used in a wide range of different applications. Many of these applications might surprise people as they present an unconventional way of solving major problems.

Mist fans have been around for a long time now. However, only now have they begun to grow in terms of the number of owners and users. This is probably due to the rise in the costs of electricity. People are starting to think twice of having to use an air conditioner given just how high the electric bill can be.

However, mist fans can are also seeing widespread use in non-residential applications. It may seem ridiculous at first, but the use of mist fans is actually an effective solution for a lot of problems. Below are some of the unconventional ways people have used their misters.

Keeping animals cool

Mist fans have been around for more than half a century now. They were first invented by someone to help keep animals cool. These were livestock owners who were concerned for the health of their animals during the hot seasons.

The use of air conditioners was too expensive of an option to really put into effect. Instead, the livestock owners began to use mist fans to cool their livestock.

Keeping animals cool helps to keep them healthy. Healthy animals are more productive than those who are not. Chickens will lay more eggs for example. Pigs produce a better litter and can provide their offspring with milk of a higher quality. Finally, cows also produce better milk when they are kept cool.

Keeping animals comfortable is nothing new. Some countries actually massage their cows and make them drink a few bottles of beer to keep the meat soft.

Controlling moisture in a biosphere

Another application most people might not be familiar with is the use of misters to maintain humidity in a biosphere or a greenhouse. These are structures where an environment is maintained to keep certain species of plant grow.

Not all plants are the same. Some require more sunlight others need more water in order to survive, and so much more. Growing plants inside a greenhouse is not easy. Humidity is a major issue.

Some greenhouses even close down during the summer because they cannot avoid the dry climate. To help combat the arid conditions, some greenhouses have turned to using mist fans. Mist fans are cheap and effective in maintaining a humid environment. Other alternatives to help deal with humidity are too expensive when compared to mist fans.

Special effects production

Mist fansHollywood and theater production have always relied on special effects in order to help people get into the mood. Movies and stage productions produce a better atmosphere when they have good special effects. These productions tend to be more engrossing because of the special effects that they use.

The problem that production teams encounter with special effects is that they can be too expensive sometimes. Whether it is Hollywood or some stage production, special effects budget is always a major concern.

Some production teams have begun to employ mist fans for their special effect needs. Producing mist using other methods can prove too expensive. Mist and fog machines are of limited use and they only serve one function. Furthermore, these specialized machines also require the use of some special oil.

Mist fans can do more than just make mist. There are plenty of different ways a person can use their misters.