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Five Ways You Are Doing SEO Wrong

Doing-SEO-WrongWhy is my SEO not working? Why is my website still not getting enough traffic? Why is it not appearing in search results? These are just some of the most common concerns that SEO specialists get from their clients. It does not matter if these questions come a week or a year after the marketing campaign started, there are plenty of factors that may cause SEO to fail. More often, internet marketing strategies do not work if a client, who is not well educated about search engines, tries to carry out a DIY search engine optimization method.

The truth is, search engine optimization, in itself, works just fine. Yet, maybe, there are some things you may be doing wrong. Listed below are some things you might be doing wrong.

  • You write articles for search engines and not for real human readers.

Before, writers and webmasters can create content stuffed with keywords. The practice of keyword stuffing involves mentioning the same keywords repeatedly, simply because they may optimize the page and not because they are relevant to the content. This is actually considered a very bad SEO tactic. It actually used to work. Yet, at present, Google already utilizes LSI or latent semantic indexing, which was developed in 2004. LSI enables the search engine crawlers to examine the website contents and to identify the keywords or phrases of that page. The crawlers would combine the most commonly used words, including the synonyms of your target keywords.

At this time, it is wise to enhance your web page for the real human readers. They should provide a great user experience. LSI indicates that there is no need to mention your exact keywords in the article again and again. You may just use some word alternatives or synonyms because search engines like Google will still find out what the goal is.

  • You overlook the importance of social media.

In the past, search engine optimization was all about obtaining a great deal of links, good code, and good content. SEO used to focus on these items: content, links, and code. However, at present, most of the websites that are doing very well in their search rankings have an enormous number of social media followers. Quite simply, the more socially famous your website is, the more audience you will attract to it. Consequently, if more and more people view it, then you will also be able to generate more backlinks and traffic to your website.

  • You publish duplicate content.

Plagiarism is a form of stealing, and stealing is not a good practice in any way. Not only will it create a bad connotation with your audience, it will also put your website in a bad light, search engine wise. Search engines have already indexed such content. When you publish it on your website, search engine crawlers will be able to identify it as duplicate content. Always write unique and original articles that are relevant to the products you are offering.

  • You are using the wrong keywords.

Most SEO attempts fail because of this mistake. How can you be sure, then, if you are using the proper keywords or not? If you have executed some keyword research, it is possible that you have not thoroughly tested and implemented your keywords prior to launching a full marketing campaign. On the other hand, if you have not performed any keyword research, it is mostly likely that you are not using the correct keywords. The process of keyword research suggests what consumers are searching and what keywords and phrases are best to utilize.

  • You are not investing enough money.

 Are-you-doing-wrong-seoJust because business owners have been told that search engine optimization is a long-term solution, they become hesitant to shell out an adequate amount of money for it. This is particularly true for those who are just starting up their business when the budget is limited. What you may not truly understand is that for digital marketing to work, you need to invest some money for it.

All things considered, the money you pay for SEO is not an expense, it is an investment. If you only do SEO the right way, you will definitely be able to reap its benefits. The first step to do that is to find an SEO firm that gives value to your investment, just like the SEOExplode Inc offer stated in this URL, “We do not only provide SEO and Internet marketing services but we also offer a wide array of industry related services such as SEO friendly web design, reputation management, visitor re-targeting, pay per click, affiliate marketing, on site SEO, website audits, social media optimization, conversion optimization and several others.”