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Unexpected Things you can Do with Lanyards

A lanyard is made of versatile materials that you can easily manipulate to make different kinds of things out of it. Because of its versatility, artists have used it for all sorts of installation art. In 2012, an exhibit at the University Place Gallery in Cambridge, MA featured the works of its alumni and lanyard is one of the medium used. One notable lanyard artwork was a collection of rainbow colored lanyards that look eerily haunting and beautiful. Other artists have made them look like bursting stars or fireworks.

On a smaller scale art, a lanyard can be made into bracelets, necklaces and anklets. The cord type lanyard is best when making macramé bracelets, necklaces or anklets. To make macramé jewelry out of a lanyard, simply take 1 or 2 colors of the lanyard and follow a series of patterned knots. Some patterns are very easy and require no additional training. There are several free macramé patterns available online and even videos to help you get started on making macramé jewelry. The material of the lanyard makes this jewelry a perfect accessory for the summer months as they are inexpensive and unlike metallic jewelry, they will not tarnish.

A lanyard can also serve a more practical use.

When woven together, it can be made out into a bag. A tubular or cord type of lanyard can be used to make simple bags that are sturdy and durable. Use different colored lanyards or a dye sublimated style lanyard to make the bag more pleasing to the eye.

LanyardsAnother simple use for this versatile material is placemats. Weave together different colors or dye sublimated lanyards to make unique looking placemats. Weave similar colored lanyards to make a set or contrasting colors to make them more interesting. Similar to bags, any kind of lanyard can be used. After weaving the lanyard, sew a waterproof material underneath so that your table can remain dry. Weave a cord type of lanyard to make your placemats feel thicker. A woven lanyard can also take the place of any ornamental mat you might have at home. Weaving patterns for bags and placemats can be easily found on the internet.

If you don’t have a bag for all your heavy hardbound books and you want to bring them with you somewhere, a lanyard with a buckle release can make great book holders. Simply wrap the lanyard around your books and fasten at the buckle release. A sturdy nylon style lanyard with a plastic buckle release should be able to take the place of a regular book holder as they are often made of the same material. Use more than one lanyard if you are going to bring more books.

You can also use a lanyard as replacement for broken bag handles on canvas bags. Simply remove the broken handles and replace them with a nylon or polyester lanyard that is 1 inch thick or greater. Sew on 2 or more lanyards together to make a shoulder strap for your bag. Use a swivel j hook or a caribiner hook at the end of the lanyard to hook it onto your bag.

Lastly, a lanyard serves as replacements for some accessories like a belt or shoelaces for your canvas shoes. A polyester or woven lanyard with a buckle release can be used as a belt if you forgot to bring one on your trip. Even if you did not forget your belt at home, you may find yourself wanting to use that lanyard as a belt for its designs, especially dye sublimated ones. Meanwhile, you can use a chord or tubular type of lanyard in place of your shoelaces.