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Steps on How to Hit the Golf Ball with TaylorMade Golf Clubs

Any golfer knows that the secret in having a high score in golf is to hit the golf ball using a far and straight drive. TaylorMade golf clubs offer an exciting feature that utilizes the flight control technology. This allows every user to modify the golf club’s loft and face angle. TaylorMade golf clubs are comprised of longer shafts, better club heads and lighter grips. In such clubs, the club heads are made thinner, making the club lighter. The best-selling TaylorMade golf drivers are the Burner driver and R9 driver.

In this guide, you need to use at least one golf ball and one TaylorMade golf driver. As you read this guide, make sure you perform it with your golf driver accurately.


1.Make sure that you buy the suitable TaylorMade driver for your height.

Commonly, golf shops offer a package allowing their customers to custom fit their drivers to create a natural swing when playing golf. You can maximize the club’s efficiency and features if it is well-matched to your height. Fitting a club requires you to consider the shaft length, face angle and loft.

2.Hold the driver and grip firmly.

golf-clubPosition the club head next to the ball. To make an effective swing, proper posture should be observed. While addressing the golf ball, your body should be parallel to the area where you want the ball to land after hitting it. Slightly bend your knees. In this way, you can produce more force when hitting the ball. Your feet should be aligned with your shoulder. Balance your weight. You should not put your weight only on one side of your body.

3.Now, it’s time for you to perform a backswing.

Don’t worry if you’re not good at this because TaylorMade golf drivers are made to make your swing faster. In spite of this, you should still learn how to create a smooth tempo to modify your swing speed. When you reach the highest point of the backswing, swing back in a slow manner, keeping it under your control. In this case, allow your shoulder to move along with your swing, but be sure to maintain your knees in its bending position. Target the ball for every swing. Make that the club will hit the ball. When the backswing is at its peak, the right arm must create a 90-degree angle while the left arm crosses your chest on top.

4.Perform the downswing.

Golf clubs with longer shafts are more difficult to downswing. Thus, the shaft should match your height so that you don’t need to make many adjustments on how you swing the club. In swing the club downwards, you’ll need to learn the proper way of rotating your knees and hips. Knees should be angled facing the target during a downswing. Rotate your hips once the right arm reached your waist. Afterwards, rotate your shoulders and arms. Make sure that you focus your attention on hitting the ball. Downswing requires the coordination between your body and eyes.

5.Hit the ball accurately.

TaylorMade employs the moveable weight technology to its entire clubs, allowing the golfer to create a great impact when hitting the ball. When performing a downswing, it is important for you not to withdraw the force you produce. In this way, the impact will be whole and strong. Maintain the same posture and position until you hit the ball. To prevent you from misdirecting the golf club and to hit the ball completely, always make sure that your left arm is stretched and straight until the end.

6.Learn to produce more force using your legs.

To create more power, center your weight on the left portion of the body.