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How to Start Your Own Custom Military Coin Collection

Custom military coins are not made for numismatic purposes. They are believed to have originated from a war wherein they were given to members of a flying squadron and saved a soldier’s life. Later on, military men used them as challenge coins. However, as they gain popularity through the years, collecting them became interesting to numismatist fans.

Custom-Military-CoinThese coins belong to a branch of numismatics called exonumia. Though they are not intended for non-military men, you can take pride in collecting them because some have special value. For instance, “Combating Terrorism Coins” are collectibles that show support for the children of military men who sacrificed their lived for their country. Custom military coins may serve as reminders to what these people did to protect their fellow people. When should you start collecting these coins?

Start as soon as possible. If you prolong the wait, you are more likely to miss the best ones. Every day, hundreds of custom military coins are released in the market but coin collectors are alert and immediately sort out the rare ones. How can you start collecting military coins?

Step 1: Decide on what kind of coin you want

Do a little research to educate yourself on challenge coin numismatics. Coin collecting can be expensive. This is why you have to choose cost productive pieces. Ask yourself important questions. Do you prefer those with peculiar shapes such as the SR-72 Blackbird coin? Do you fancy those with sentimental values such as the Operation Iraqi Freedom War custom military coin?

Step 2: Ask pioneer coin collectors for advice

Do you know anyone who is a pro in coin collecting? Before you could proceed to your master plan, one-on-one interaction with actual coin collectors would help. There are a lot of tips and information online but those who are fully inclined with numismatics have great ideas. You may ask them to show you their collections. This way, you would be able to have a idea on which coins are interesting for you and are worthy to be part of your shadowbox.

Step 3: Visit military coin auctions

Public unit coin auctions are accessible in most parts of the globe. You will get to handle them in real life and gain knowledge about pricing, value and quality. Take a look at their expensive pieces and find out what makes them more valuable than others. When visiting shops online, pay attention to details, such as the coin’s circumference, dimension, material, packaging, specifications and the like.

Step 4: Participate in coin discussion groups

Online groups will make you interact with people of the same interest. They will give you updates on new events and auctions. Added to this, you can easily gain the answers to your queries by posting a new thread and waiting for others to answer you. You will get non-promotional answers and reviews that could help you start your own collection.

Step 5: Start collecting and take good care of your collection

Once you have had enough information, you may begin shopping for coins. You may also have some pieces customized according to your preference. Purchase or build a rack covered with glass so you can keep them protected from being scratched or damaged. You may also lock your coin rack to protect your collection from children or pets.

Custom military coins are good for collecting because they are unique, accessible, easy to carry and significant. They may not be made from huge amounts of silver or gold like some ancient coins but the sacrifice of great men in order to acquire them defines their immeasurable value.

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