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Getting The Right Storage Container For Your Needs From Moveablecontainer.Com

There are many online services that endorse the use of storage containers as replacement for moving trucks. However, while storage containers are gaining more popularity because of their utility and effectiveness in these areas, there are still many things that you can do with a box made of 20 feet of steel.

It all depends on what you are going to use them for.

Different Uses for Storage Containers

One of the most basic (and obvious) uses for storage containers is for storing large equipment and things that need to be kept for safekeeping. Examples of this are people using containers as an addition to their homes, converting them into storage rooms where they keep most of the stuff that they have collected through the years.


Aside from storing things, storage containers also work as replacements for moving trucks when transporting pieces of furniture to a new home. This is actually one of the main uses of storage containers nowadays, and many companies offer services like this, and we, at, are among them. The reason many people are making the switch to using storage containers for moving is because of the extreme utility of containers over moving trucks.

Moving trucks are associated to a lot of stress using the moving phase because of a lot of inconveniences, especially when it is time to get your stuff delivered to your new home but the truck is not able to come because of some unforeseen event. However, with storage containers, families usually need to contact the company only twice: when they need the empty storage containers, and when they need delivered to their doorstep. We at offer affordable packages that take away the hassle and inconvenience in moving.

While storage containers are widely used for storing and moving things, you can also use them for a more creative purpose. Many architects now turn to storage containers, instead of using concrete walls to make buildings and homes. This practice is referred to as shipping container or architecture, or cargotecture in short, and is a great option for someone who likes to try something new while also helping the environment.

Upcycling shipping containers that will not be used anymore and turning them into buildings is not only creative, it is also a sustainable practice. It is estimated that there are two million empty shipping containers in any given moment, and the practice of cargotecture is helping to solve that.


How to Get the Perfect Container for Your Needs?

After deciding on the purposes for needing a storage container, it is now time to check the market for the most suitable one that is within your budget. Here are a couple of other things to consider when looking canvassing for the right container:


Consider size of storage container that will be the most cost-effective and convenient with your purpose. Let’s say you are moving to a new home cross country with more than the usual amount of stuff that a regular size container could handle. It might be better to get a 45 ft. container that could handle all of your appliances in one go, rather than two containers that will cost you more. We at have containers ranging from 20 feet to 45 feet that can fit whichever purpose you need.


The price of storage containers differs from one company to the next, so the general rule of thumb is to consult as many possible dealers as you can. Don’t settle for the cheapest storage container, but pick the one that is at par with industry standards and comes with an affordable cost.

If you’re purchasing a storage container, you also have to consider the material of the storage container. Is it made with cheap metal or reinforced steel? Choosing the latter will save you a lot of cost on the maintenance of your storage container.

Additional Features

Do you need extra security for your container? Will you be transporting the shipping container overseas? Our containers at has additional features that you can get to enhance the functionality of your container. You can get a container with a high security lock box embedded on the doors if you want extra security. Our containers are also wind- and water-tight, preventing the occurrences of unwanted leaks.


These features come with an additional cost, so you have to carefully consider if you really need them and if your budget can afford it.

Local Policies and Regulations

While almost anyone can rent a storage container for moving purposes, some states require a permit from the local government before allowing an individual to own a container. Make sure to check with the authorities if you have all the required permits and the relevant restrictions before purchasing a storage container. Doing this will save you from hassles along the way.

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